Introduction to WorldWide Telescope: 28 April 2020

Useful Links
WWT Webclient
Install WWT on Desktop
WWT User Guide
Planetarium Guide

Session Agenda

  • Overview of WWT Modes: Sky & 3d
  • Overview of Image sets and multi-spectral data
  • Navigating the universe
  • Adding Your own Data (FITS, Images, Tables, VO)
  • Creating Simple Slide tours
  • Intro to Keyframing
  • WWT Features for Planetaria (Midi, XBOX, remote, SMPTE, Multi-Channel)

Presenter Biographies

Jonathan Fay is a Principal Software Design Engineer at Microsoft working on mixed reality products. He was the co-creator and Architect of WorldWide Telescope at Microsoft Research which then moved to the American Astronomical Society in 2015 where he continues helping manage it as an open source platform. In his 26 years at Microsoft he has worked on imaging, visualization, virtual/mixed reality, computer vision and large-scale Internet services.

Peter K. G. Williams is the Innovation Scientist of the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian and the American Astronomical Society, and Director of the AAS WorldWide Telescope Project. In those roles he works to develop and realize a vision of how modern technologies can transform 21st century science to be faster, better, and more inclusive. His astrophysics research focuses on observational radio astronomy and the magnetic fields of small stars, brown dwarfs, and planets. He received his PhD in astrophysics from UC-Berkeley in 2012.

A. David Weigel biography to go here.

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