eC6 (15 April 2020)

“Dome Dialogues” e-Conference #6. Originally aired April 15, 2020, with start time of noon EDT.

e-Conference Agenda:
0:50 — Introductions & Announcements
6:33 — “Ancient Wisdom: Sharing the Skies of Indigenous Peoples,” Patty Seaton (PGC Public Schools, MD)
36:48 — “Virtual Star Parties,” Derek Demeter (Buehler Planetarium at Seminole State College)
1:05:50 — Long German Words of the Week, with Anna Green (Stiftung Planetarium Berlin)
1:14:45 — Totally Board, with Justin Bartel (Science Museum of Virginia)
1:23:29 — The Record Shop, with Mike Smail
1:36:35 — Pandemic Primo Podcast Party for’ya Planetarian, with Mary Holt
1:41:40 — Open Forum

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